The Little House


Dries van Noten is honoured to announce his invitation to Ann Demeulemeester to show her powerful work in porcelain and glass tableware, steel cutlery and lighting as the inaugural five-week exhibit at the Little House, Dries Van Noten L.A. This is the first time these great friends and creative peers have collaborated publicly. They have been close throughout their careers from their days attending the Royal Academy of Arts in Antwerp together and as founding members of the seminal ‘Belgian Six’.

This installation has been designed by Ann Demeulemeester exclusively for this exhibit at the Little House. It is a powerful expression of the visual language synonymous with her work throughout her career. This language and values are fundamental to the Ann Demeulemeester-Serax project itself. All structural elements for the scenography were built and finished in Belgium and, earlier this summer, shipped by sea from the historic Port of Antwerp to that of Los Angeles. Walls and floor are in lilac, a shade mixed by hand and exclusive to Ann Demeulemeester. For this exhibition Ann has chosen to focus on two of her most emblematic ranges of porcelain Dé and Ra with a curated selection of six styles of glassware, one cutlery design and four lighting designs. 

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