Stephen Zerbe transforms banal, everyday items into experimental, abstract artworks that push the fine arts of painting and sculpture to their limits. Incorporating found objects such as takeout containers, plastic wrap and other commercial refuse – often paired with wood, resin or sheets of acrylic – his works combine to create a hazy narrative that is both a deeply personal response to the vagaries of modern life and a more general critique of consumer culture. 
Based in Los Angeles, Zerbe initially trained as an architect, earning a MArch from Savannah College of Art and Design, and currently works as a construction manager alongside his art practice. He credits this experience for inspiring a respect for materials and a ‘functional sincerity’ that remains a strong influence, even in his more conceptual pieces. 
His work has featured in exhibitions at Insect Gallery in Los Angeles, Tanja Grunert and Jeffrey Stark in New York, Ryobi Room in Miami and the Spring/Break Art Show.

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