Originally from Ghent, brothers David and Stephen Dewaele have explored music-making in many forms over a 25-year career. They are the core members of the band Soulwax, as well as the DJ duo 2manydjs and run their own record label DEEWEE plus created an app which was a radio station and their live event called Radio Soulwax. Together with James Murphy, they also run the Despacio sound system project. As 2manydjs they are known for their distinctive style of remixing, with unexpected transitions and unusual combinations of musical styles, established with their underground hit 2002 album As Heard on Radio Soulwax Pt 2. In 2005 they recorded and released a remix of one of their own albums, titled Nite Versions, creating a new model for artist remixes. 

Radio Soulwax launched in 2011 as a ‘visual radio station’ featuring 24-hour mixes. Despacio followed in 2013, intending to create a ‘revolutionary sonic dance experience’. After an extended hiatus, they returned as Soulwax in 2017, releasing a new album under their own label DEEWEE called FROM DEEWEE. Deewee is a multidimensional, multidisciplinary, multifaceted creative space: it’s a record label, publishing a spectrum of releases from Klanken’s metal-bashing club tracks to Emmanuele’s multilingual disco pop. It’s a studio, where artists come together to make music in a free and open creative environment. It is also a publishing house, producing books, posters, artwork, and films about esoteric topics in the world of electronic music. With a broad future programme involving any variety possibilities - Deewee is a building and much more.

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