Originally a painter, in recent years Czech artist Richard Stipl has established an international reputation as a sculptor. His current focus is on hand-carved wooden and cast-metal sculptures, using traditional techniques in a contemporary art context.  
Stipl studied art in Ontario, Canada, after his family fled the then Soviet-occupied Czechoslovakia. He places himself at the centre of his work, using self-portraits to explore and observe the psychological development of an individual. A strong interest in transience, history and the foibles and quandaries of contemporary Western civilisation emerged as core themes early in Stipl’s career. Through his art, he creates a hyper-realistic alternative universe, using fiction to explore facets of his personal history. 
Stipl has had over 20 solo shows over the course of a career spanning two decades, that has also seen his work featured in group and thematic exhibitions. His work features in the permanent collections of a number of museums and has appeared in international art fairs. Stipl’s pieces have also been shown in group and thematic exhibitions. 

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