Peter Shire

Peter Shire is a Los Angeles-based artist working in variety of mediums including painting, sculpture, ceramics, furniture, and toys. Establishing his studio in Los Angeles in 1972, and an early member of the Memphis Group of designers, Shire’s work highlights Southern California as a unique location in the international art world.

Through his playful, experimental approach Shire has forged a new language defined by the dialogue between shapes, surfaces, technology and aesthetics. Shire’s use of different materials pushed late 20th century design beyond traditional techniques and recognizable styles. His teapots (of which he has produced over 4,000) deal with the notion of functionality in an industrial artistic world. Likewise his furniture reaffirms his commitment to reimagining the human condition. Cones, cylinders and grids are combined in defiance of the typical modernist style in a way that swings between the usual ideas of sculpture and a functional object; this creates a third category that goes beyond both of these understandings, to that which he calls Stanzaroto, or Ol’ Squint Eye.

His vast output of work has been shown internationally, with exhibitions in the United States, Italy, France, Japan and Poland.

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