Based in Rotterdam, Johan Viladrich designs furniture and spatial structures that explore fundamental forms and celebrate the beauty of materials by using them in unconventional contexts.

Viladrich was born in Paris and moved to the Netherlands to study at the radical design school Design Academy Eindhoven. During his studies, he began Ratio, an ongoing project that is an investigation into the potential of industrial parts, using the restrictions of off-the-shelf pieces such as ventilation-shaft panels to create archetypal forms that are reduced to their absolute minimum. 

Keys features of his work include the elevation of assembly methods, with joints, bolts, straps and other forms of connection left visible and even highlighted as part of the design, and refined surface treatments. 

His work is widely collected in Europe, with representation and shows at galleries including ToolsGalerie in Paris, Eleven Steens in Brussels and the highly influential Nilufar gallery in Milan. Viladrich’s pieces have also featured in the Dutch Invertuals exhibition at Dutch Design Week and the London Design Fair.

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