Jan Gatewood is a self-taught, Los Angeles based artist. Combining found materials, collage, drawing and painting, he creates darkly humorous and personal art pieces that have earned him an extensive following on social media. 
Bringing together seemingly disparate themes and subjects, Gatewood uses layers of colour and imagery to create what he has described as a ‘semi-personal artistic alphabet’.
Originally from Colorado, Gatewood’s first passion was for skateboarding. Following a brief foray into photography at the University of Colorado, he moved to Los Angeles where he began experimenting with various media. An internship in New York fostered an appreciation for art history and served as an introduction to the art world. 
In the three years since, his work has been shown at Insect Gallery, Office and Gallery, and Exhibit A Gallery in Los Angeles, as well as pt.2 Gallery in Oakland and Milk Gallery in New York. Gatewood has featured in ID Magazine and been interviewed for Amadeus Magazine and arts and luxury publication Whitewall.

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