Hot Chip

Hot Chip are an English synthpop band famous for combining indie and dance to create a signature mesmeric sound. The band formed in London in 2000, beginning as a bedroom recording project by the duo Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard which later became a full-fledged band in 2004 with the addition of Owen Clarke, Al Doyle, and Felix Martin. After delivering two EP’s in the early 2000’s (Mexico 2001 and Sanfrandisco E-Pee 2002) the band have since released seven albums, including the Mercury prize nominated The Warning (2006), as well as cult singles like ‘Over and Over’ (2006) and the GRAMMY nominated ‘Ready for the Floor’ (2008).

Over the last two decades Hot Chip’s music has broadened and deepened, encompassing the tender musings on commitment of 2010’s One Life Stand as well as the anything-goes genre mashups of 2015’s Why Make Sense? With only a few hit singles to their name, the band have nevertheless earned a following that has them headlining festivals, as reflected by the rave-tinged anthems of 2019’s A Bath Full of Ecstasy. With their witty, affecting songwriting and the immediately recognizable vocals, the band have evoked the cleverness of Talking Heads and the poignancy of the Pet Shop Boys.

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